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March 05, 2007


I think this sounds like a great cause. I think reading and literacy is so important. Count me in.

As one who was a voracious reader as a child (and still is, when time permits), you can totally count me in. You'll see my paypal pledge coming through shortly.

Absolutely where can I send my pledge! This is a wonderful cause!

definately in for this. Reading kept me sane as a child spending months in hospital from the age of 2.
(In fact it still does)
amber in scotland

I would love to make a pledge and donate a prize!

I'd love to pledge - I'll send it off this afternoon!

My donation is on its way...as an English teacher of students with language diabilities this is close to my heart.

Count me in.Please email me the information or let me know how you are doin this.

Count me in.Please email me the information or let me know how you are doing this. Its amazing what happens when people pull together.

You can count on me Heather. I think you're going to be overwhelmed for the next few days! And don't worry about dyeing for me.

Money donated and blogged about. You're doing a great thing!

What a wonderful thing to do! I would love to be involved! Count me in. I'll PayPal you if you tell me the right address! (and I am adding this to my sidebar) :D

What a wonderful thing to do! I'll paypal you to help out the kids - and please, please .... give your daughter a big hug and tell her that I said she's such a wonderful girl. Now I'm all teared up and have to go do something distracting.

I'm a former elementary school teacher and I have a lot of kids' books that I'm obviously no longer using. Could you use any donations of books?

Count me in, too!

I'd be more than happy to donate. Please email me the details for PayPal.

I bought shoes for African school girls last week. Why not help out with something to read once they get there?

This is a good thing.

As an occasional librarian who visited South Africa in 2005, I am all over this one. What a great cause!

If you would email me the information on how to use my paypal to make a donation I would gladly do so. The conditions in
Africa for many children is appalling. I was just telling my grandchildren about the school that Oprah set up in S. Africa. I believe that great things can happen with just a small amount of faith. Keep up the good work. I wish I weren't so computer impaired!

What a great idea! And a wonderful way to teach your daughter the love of reading and compassion all at the same time! I'm off to paypal right now :)

Just sent! What a great cause!

I employ young people and have been appalled at the incredible lack of literacy.
My Paypal is on its way.

Already sent via PayPal!

As a new mom who is freaky-deaky about getting her son to read (2 years old TODAY and reading is his absolute favorite thing to do!) plus an academic librarian plus (!) someone who lived in Botswana - the country above South Africa - for a bit, this is something that truly hits me as one of the more worthwhile causes in a long, long time....

Hiya, I would like to make a donation, but I only have CC funded paypal... can you take that too?

Cheers Eva

I love this theme, it's exciting haha thanks for sharing, my contribution here.
Mike R. Lehman
2984 Bedford Street
Hartford, CT 06103

I could agree with you on this one, even I have noticed over the years that some of the celeb

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