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June 02, 2005


Yes I do read your blog! I'll answer the questions later today.

I read I read! I'm going to post this in my All About Me page... Good luck with your move, I can't wait until you get back cause I miss reading you :)

Oh, I forgot to comment on your knitting project :-P I've always wanted to try GGH, you'll have to let me know how you like it in the finished project... I've heard good things about it. I'd offer some advice on your cast-on issue, but I have no idea what it even means to CO in 3's.

Hi Heather! Of course I read you! I'll get right on that music meme this week and I'll be thinking of you as you move to your new digs. Enjoy the road trip!

I just found your blog today. Good luck on the move. We just went through that last week but our drive was less (Indiana to Nebraska). We have 2 young children ages 2 1/2 and 3 months. It wasn't fun, but we made it!

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