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June 24, 2005


Welcome home! The shots of the desert are so beautiful! Wow. Your little ones are just precious. How do they like the big bugs? :)

Ok, the bugs are nasty and when I seen the pics of the girls and the house in PA I almost cried. Amelia looks so much like you. you need to email me so I have an email address for you! Are still using the olypen addy?

Love YA

I am really glad you are settled in. So do the bugs there have their own "mouse" traps? They look like they are big enough.

OMG - those bugs are huge! Sometimes it's worth it living in a cold climate... fleas don't even survive here.

I'm happy to hear you arrived safe and sound. In just a little while you'll be all settled in.

OH MY GOODNESS. The bugs are HUGE. Here we have huge spiders.....I think I would rather have the bugs then the spiders!

YOur girls are so cute! YOu are one brave woman to make such a long road trip with them. We have been thinking of driving to Montana with our brood.....but I think I would be a basket case once we got there!

I'm with you on the bugs thing. 409 kills them if you don't want to go around spraying roach spray, and I've heard that you shouldn't squish them and leave them inside the house. The rumor is that the bodies release a chemical that other roaches hone in on and visit. Yuck.

As for us, I've been killing about three spiders a day and some kind of giant beetle is eating my roses. Nice.

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