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August 07, 2005


I knit the 37" size for my 46" bust. It fits perfectly and I used the shine twist. I pseudo steam blocked it with a steam iron and it didn't harm it at all.

Oh, it looks lovely on your Mom. You knit beautifully. It is great advice you have given about this type of yarn, I wonder if you can send it in to Knit Picks for them so write it up on their catalog next to the yarn--it would be very helpful to know :).

Your mom makes for a beautiful model! Pity that it didn't work out for you - but it looks as if it was knit with her in mind!

I am sorry you didn't get to keep it for you. But at least someone can wear it.

Beautiful sweater and it looks great on your mom. Good job!

It looks great on your mom. Hope she doesn't take the whole "butterball turkey" thing too personally :)

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but you're right that it is just perfect for your mom! It looks fab on her!

Awesome Job! Your mom looks so happy. :-)

Looks great on your Mom!

The Tivoli came out lovely! You should be proud! Your Mom looks fantastic in it!

Sometimes the yarn has a mind of it's own. I made this great tank which ended up fitting my sister to a tee instead of me.


Tivoli looks fantastic on your mom. Now I hope you'll get more Shine and knit according to what you've learned about it and that pattern! You deserve something yummy for yourself. :)

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