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April 26, 2006


It looks fantastic! Congrats on your FO :)

The tank looks fabulous on you. Great knit.

It looks great!

and isn't that the wall in the kids room that you redid? I think you're just proud of thatwall and want to show it off.

I did NOT notice the different dye lots. I think the tank looks great. You did a fabulous job.

It looks great! Nice fit, and I like the modifications you made. I also prefer a plain back and a fancy front.

Excellent! I think the best part is how you fixed the underarm seam, because now it fits you soooo well. The eyelet design is pretty, too!

Sooooo pretty! Good job. Nice to know that you can sew Cotton-Ease on your sewing machine if needed. I'm knitting a summer cami with it right now too and am already worried it will stretch.

It looks awesome on you! Good save! BTW, I always wondered how you did your pics... ;)

PS, can't tell a difference in these pics.

It looks great! And I love your long hair now. I've had trouble with cotton tees I've made, and had to do the sewing machine adjustment thing, too.

It looks great on you.
I knew the background was the same in your posing pics. I just thought you had your own personal portrait studio.
Since you seem to have a little model in you.

Cute, cute, cute!!

It looks amazing on you! I'm glad you were able to modify it to fit you. You are so creative! I'm glad you had fun making it!


Wow that came out beautiful!

the tee's done! sweeeeeeeeeeet! looks fabulous :)

Cute! The sewing machine fix really made it fit perfectly.

That's a lovely fitted tank top! Love it!

It looks great, Heather! What a nice fit for you...good job on the modifications!

I have really admired Saunielle's patterns lately...it's nice to see one worked up on another realy person!

I love your post about the sewing maching modifications - it's inspiration!

As for the blue background - OK, you shouldn't get family portraits taken with it as a backdrop, but you know, it's 100% perfect for viewing the detail of the FOs. It's great!

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