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April 17, 2006


I should have thought of the Barbie Jeep. I bought one bag of candy and gave 2/3 of it to his cousins and it was still too much.

So cute!! I'll bet they loved tooling around in that vehicle.

I got my knitswap goodies today - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm just absolutely in love with the stuff you sent. And you couldn't have sent with better timing - a little something to brighten up tax day. My favorite, of course, is the yarn - it's so gorgeous!!

The easter Bunny brought us an Evenflo Megasaucer. What a smart bunny, bringing such nice things! Cute picture- I love the outfits!

Lovely girls! Happy Easter!

Those are two cuties! They look too cute tooling around in their jeep! Great idea on that one! :)

A great idea, and two beautiful girls to spoil with handmade knits. Smart moms are awesome: the Easter Bunny brought my DD a single-size bag of jelly beans and a tiny chocolate bunny along with fun trinkets, chalk, etc. The presents last longer than chocolate, too!

LOL! Now THAT was a fantastic idea! Instead of chocolate... a big ole PRESENT! What a unique idea...I never thought of it! I'm not a big Easter celebrator, but I love the idea of a present instead of candy.

And how cute are the princesses riding in it??? Too cute!

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