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April 13, 2006


So glad that everyone is feeling better. I love the color on the spinning. Certainly that green mess must be roving (or something) that is being dyed. Of course my second guess would be green brains.

Monster brains!!! (or some lovely roving being dyed...for...knitted monster brains?)


Your tops are looking great!! Wow on the spinning..colors are really nice.

Green...well it's gotta be roving...or an experiment in cotton balls LOL! :)

wow, there is knitting going on over there, lots of it! The dyeing is looking good...I am so lucky, I have some of your yarn in my stash :).

that green stuff? it's what's for dinner. everyone needs more fiber in their diet. hee. :)
i love that color. "i love it i love it i love it, i make you look like you hate it cuz i love it so much" - the littlest lemur on madagascar. (well, i THINK the quote went something like that.)
p.s. i also love your sock yarn. i bought lots.

Dude that looks like nasty intestines...but I'm thinking some Shamrock Roving?

Oh my gosh! "All Things Heather" Heather is making my top. "All Things - I can never get that yarn because it's always sold out- Heather". I feel so honored. I'm sure making a smaller size for the back piece will more than compensate. I've done that before when I don't want to rip back.

I'll be looking forward to your next batch of yarn.

Green roving for project colorswap perhaps?

Glad to know I'm not the only one out there in need of more hands. And thanks for putting words to my problem - I'm really enjoying trying new things. Finishing would be something novel, but I can't win them all.

The green stuff - obviously you're making Easter baskets for spinners!

Oh I love your description of process knitting. I think I'm in that camp, too. I love FOs, but I'd much rather rip and reknit for improvements than finish with imperfections that I know I could fix. That's why my DH teases me about knitting one FO 3 times. ;)

The yarn looks luvely! The color is stunning!!

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