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April 21, 2006


Hey - be political if you want! I agree with you. The thing that's most unfortunate about the spending is that the money could have been used for some amazing social programs - education, healthcare, job training, etc.

Yes. It's frustrating to see how much is spent, for example, on defense, when our schools and healthcare system are suffering, when there are so many American children who are living in poverty.

I just read a lengthy article in MacLean's magazine about how George W. Bush is considered the worst president in 100 years and how his popularity has fallen over the past few months.

Completely frightening! Combined with the news that gas is going to be over $3 a gallon this summer and is already over $4 a gallon in some cities, it's just hard to see where this miracle of economic growth is going to come from. In the Al Franken documentary I wrote about on my blog today there was a clip of Bush during the election talking about how he was going to keep spending under control when he's re-elected - and a huge burst of laughter from the audience.

Disgraceful :-(

And what are we doing about it? Nothing! Well, actually, we're spending more! And the terrorists are winning! (Or at least we're not even looking for them.) I'm really disgusted with mostly the people who voted for him but are not billionaires. What has he done for them?

Yet more proof that the man is a complete moron. Sigh...

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