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April 19, 2006


Gotta tell you- yours is my absolute favorite sock yarn ever. I love the pear colorway. I missed the last batch at KPixie and am anxiously awaiting the next.

Wow! Love the yarn Kristen test knitted for you! Hey girl you are right up there with those other dye'ers! Each of you have your own distinct colors/combinations and that's why everyone prefers to support you all. There is definately enough of us to support you all and you sell out because it is a good product.

Just think, not too far away, yeah your time will free up a bit, and they'll be no stopping you! I think the hard part would be to break into the business and you've done that. So don't fear if it takes a while to get your yarn out there...we will wait and continue to buy you out! hehe :)

Glad to hear you made it after Easter. Mine didn't get too much candy either. They are hyper enough without it.
And don't worry, you will have plenty of time for your fiber eventually.

You are definitely not a poser! I managed to score a skein of your "Surfer Girl" from kpixie and I have been fondling and drooling over it since it arrived! I wish I'd been able to see more of the skeins before they vanished. :D

I also have a toddler and it is so hard to find time for yourself when you're home with them all day. I definitely know how you feel on that one. Just remember that it will all be worth it, and they'll be in school before you know it. The hardest job you'll ever love, for sure.

It's so hard to balance kids and work. I still haven't found a way to work things out so that I don't feel completely inadequate on all fronts.

I feel exactly the same way Heather! At times I can't believe what I manage to pull off with two little boys running around. I feel like someone is going to show up and say "okay, joke's over. we're telling everyone now you're just a SAHM who spins on the side. this was just an experiment and we're ending it." I still haven't spun more than an ounce of the beautiful blue roving I bought from you in January!

I keep hearing good things about your yarn all over the place, so I don't think you you should feel like a poser at all. Maybe I can see it in person one of these days!

I'm glad to hear it isn't hot ALL the time down there. I'm afraid I'm going to melt. :)

Not boring at all! It's hard to balance -- I know that I'm constantly juggling too. Look forward to seeing your sweet tea -- what a beautiful pattern!

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