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April 14, 2006


Oh, I love Accordion and I can imagine that color green would look really good on you for this fall. Even though I'm not really interested in spinning, dyeing, etc. (I barely have enough time to knit!), I'm still in such awe when someone not only makes a sweater but has also spun and dyed the yarn for that sweater.... taking handmade to a whole new level... yay!

Wow, that is some lovely fiber! I think it will be very rewarding (hopefully not too frustrating ;) to dye it, spin it, and knit it yourself! Awesome job! :)

It's beautiful! I love the predrafting portion of spinning, and have been known to decorate our dining table with the Fiber Sushi. I admire your patience to spin that much in one color. I'm not nearly there yet. I have spinning ADHD I'm afraid.

Beautiful color...so fresh and clean. I'm sure it will look lovely in the jacket you have chosen.

I really admire you for dying, spinning and then knitting...I can barely keep up with the knitting!


OMG, Heather - that green is LUSCIOUS! It would make some GORGEOUS socks (hint hint).

what a beautiful color! i really like how rich the green turned out :) it does look like brains!

Mmmm, makes me want some greens, all boiled up in a pot! ha-ha! Have fun spinning!

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