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April 25, 2006


Hmm not sure but is it 2 different dye lots?
It looks great after you modifications.

It looks like it is different colors. You look sexy mamma in that last picture though.

I too have the big boob problem which means I end up knitting something in a size too large for the rest of me and it never looks right. And right now I'm nursing a baby so the big boobs are even worse to fit. I end up wearing maternity clothes to span them and look - you guessed it - pregnant.

The sweater looks really good on you. Congrats on conquering the scary scissors and getting a garment that fits! I have no idea what the issue is, I'll look forward to finding out.

Hey! Good job on the modification and it looks great! I'd be a little nervous too cutting my knitting! :)

You are a brave woman! I can't see anything wrong.

Nice fix up job! It looks gorgeous on you!

I can't even imagine it being so hot already! It's only 58 degree here, now. I guess I won't complain about it not being warm enough!

You ran out of yarn and had to get more. But the two aren't exactly the same?

It looks lovely though. And cheers to you for being able to cut your knitting without fainting. Who's the bad ass knitter now?

You missed my newest post. You were commenting as I was posting. heehee But it's just a meme, not knitting.

I see a different color just at the bustline (but probably only because you used a flash *s*)

It looks gorgeous...but I'm guessing that you have a coupla rows (one right under the bustline, another a little lower) where the stitches are twisted...My lefthanded mother was an amazing knitter, but did that all the time.

Or not...

Fab knit. Fits like it was made for you! lol

You are my hero! I am so afraid of sewing and cutting. But I have a lot of trouble in that exact area, so I may just have to get gutsy.

It really looks great!

Way to boss your knitting around! Wooohoooo! And now you truly have a sweet tee. Did you modify the straps to make them wider (and more bra friendly) or is that the way the pattern was written? You are a hottie in that top!

You tee came out great! Way to be fearless :-) No guesses from me but I look forward to finding out what the issue was.

That is an awesome fix! I would have never thought to alter it like that! Kudos to you!

Wow! That was beyond brave! You did an amazing job! Very professional! It looks great on you!


You did a super great job on it! Looks wonderful. And yeah, if I'm super picky I can see a line where the yarn colour changes...but it's not a big deal at all.

Holy crap! I wouldn't even think about doing that. You are so brave, and obviously talented, because it worked! Nice little sweater!

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