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June 22, 2006


Wow, thanks for the review! I've been eyeing the dpns and really appreciate the tip pics, helps me visualize the needles a bit more.

They sound awesome - and it's always great to hear a review from someone who's tried them in person. I wish I hadn't bought a Denise set a while back - I'd buy those now. (I still may, if I can budget it in!!!)

You are soooo lucky. I saw those a few days ago and I really want them but don't think I can justify a new pricey set of needles. Can I?

Oh, and what's the new project? Love the color.

oh awesome! thanks for the review!

I ordered a set of cords and two sets of tips earlier this week to try them out before I jump in and buy the set... but seeing the points next to the addi -- I think I'm almost definitely going to be in!

Thank you so much for the review!! I'm a huge Addi fan and I was tempted to buy this set, but I wasn't sure how the joins, etc. would be. You're so nice to be the guinea pig for me!

Boy - you don't waste any time, do you? Didn't they just come out with those things. Good for you, girlfriend! I hear they're coming out with Wool of the Andes Bulky for this fall. Can't wait to see the yardage and the price.

now i'm convinced i want them. too bad they're on back-order already.

Thank you thank you thank you for the review! Too bad that I can't order these for quite some time as I'm on a strict budget due to my upcoming wedding. SOB!

That is what I am talking about! I am so glad to see someone in my loop has got them...I need to know more. Tell us everyday of how they are working. What about lace...will the yo's catch on the join? Can you do magic loop with them?

I saw those yesterday! So glad to read your review. My needle collection is eclectic like yours, and it's good to see a new source for good, smartly priced needles.

What a deal! My DH got me an interchangable bamboo set last year for mother's day that has been great but I have trouble with the joins because they screw together and inevitably unscrew as you knit.


Wow, those are really pointier!! I've been going to addi natura because of the addi tips not as pointy..hehe I bet we see a lot of addi's for sale or swap LOL! Keep us updated...one day I may try a few. Thanks!

I was looking at these needles yesterday and loved the colour and the price. Haven’t come across anything like these before. Unfortunately Knit Picks don't deliver to the UK so I'll just have to dream.

they look perfect - i hope you will give us regular status reports.

and that red thing on your needles - wow! fantastic colour!

How is the cord for magic loop? Very flexible or so-so? Compared to boye or denise cords?

Thank you so much for the review! Not even 15 minutes ago I ordered some to try myself. Now it seems like I'll be needing the whole set!

Oh crap. Now I have to go buy them. Thanks a lot. You owe me.

wow, the points are nice...now lace will be easier with those points. I will go check them out!

You're the first person I've read who actually received them. I love the idea of the set but was definitely wondering about the join. Thanks for reviewing!

Oh, you evil, evil enabler, you!

Yeah, I think I definitely see a set of these in my future. =)

Thanks for the review, especially the point comparison - that tells me a lot right there.

Thanks for the great review! I noticed the set on their site a few days ago, and was wondering how they were.

wow! i will have to give those a try! thanks for the link and suggestion :)

Knit Picks makes me wanna cry! Wahhh!

Why? Coz they have yummy yarn and wonderful prices and now these fabulous needles that I'm sure I'm going to die without but they don't ship to Australia. Wahhh!

Thanks for the review. I'm gonna have to find a way to get some of these. ;o)
By hook or by crook!

24" too long for sleeves?Didn't your Grandma ever tell you to knit both at the same time, thus avoiding the dreaded second sleeve syndome? My Grandma had too much going on not to get both done and over with.

Hi there. Thanks for your commentary on Knit Picks needles. Found your blog through the knit list.

I really like your blog. A lot of useful knitting related stuff. Will check back.

Thanks for the review - I think I'll go place an order!!!

That's awesome! And so cheap for a whole starter set. Thanks so much for the review!

I love the review, I am going to order them as well. I am looking for something sharper than addi and those have been my needle of choice as well.
Does anyone have any info on the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave knits.
Are there typo's on it?
I am afraid to continue as the yarn was expensive (relatively speaking), and it seems something is wrong with their stitich count. Let me know if anyone knows anything about it.
Thanks so much

Agreed- I received mine this week-

Better than Addis!


Posted a review as well.

also- A hint- I clipped the needle size tab from the pkging and slipped it into the needle tips in the pouches- voila, they are now labeled! (transparent vinyl- allows to read the labe through!;)

mine were shipped! i can not wait! yippeee!
the tips look so fabulous thanks for sharing!

I love mine too! Also posted a review. Woo hoo - a great alternative to the mega pricey Addi's.

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