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August 09, 2006


That is so gorgeous!

Oh, I love it! And the color is gorgeous. Good job. Maybe I'll even make it my first tank.

I love that pattern, and I printed it out yesterday when I saw it on your blog. I hope to make it actually and I think I even have some yarn in my stash now that will work!!

sorry to hear about the sickies sticking around, that's no fun! but the tank looks fabulous on you and i think the color is very nice

LOVE it! I was curious what size you wear (new knitter and not sure about "negative ease"). I am doing a search on it though for sure. Thanks for the finished pics and your modifications and final thoughts. Definitely going to add this to my list. ps..hope you feel better soon.

The tank is lovely! I like the color. It'll go with everything.

Is that smoke I see rising up behind you? Wheeeeyewww! You sure can turn a cable, dearie!

It's great! It's next on my knit list. You sure do knit fast.

WOW!! Great tank! The color is wonderful :). I hope everyone gets well quick so your house can return back to normal.

Happy Knitting!

Another gorgeous top, Heather!!
I'm so sorry that you're still feeling under the weather. I do hope the germies leave soon!

Really like this pattern...I am clicking over to buy it now...

Yea...it is free...(saved to hard drive)

I love it! What a beautiful job you did! Another to add to my list of things to do!!

Awesome job! Looks great! Thanks for letting me know what size I need to make ;)

Hope you and the kiddies feel better soon! hugs!

That looks great on you! The kind of sick that requires being in the bathroom is the worst kind. yuck! Hope it's over soon.

Another great looking sweater!

Beautiful! I really like the color - it goes with anything!

That turned out so well! You are oh so talented. I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well, what a bummer to go out but then still feel like crap :(

Great job! It looks great on you!

I love it, Heather! It looks so beautiful on you. I must add this to my never ending list of what I want to make. Great job!

That looks fantastic - I love the shaping of the collar/edge on the back, very flattering.

I love it! You look amazing in it too! The edging is really neat. I absolutely adore the back; I love how the cables repeat on the back. Great job!


Hi Heather, I just came across your finished tank and it looks GREAT! I'm in the process of putting together a gallery of Prosperous Plums - would it be okay if I included yours? Thanks a bunch, I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern. :)

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