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October 11, 2007


I like the pinks, burgundy's, and greens! The others look good too, but those are my favorites!! Love all of those fabrics!!

I think either is going to be fine, but I like the blues best. This is odd for me - usually I would not choose blue. But I think it will give you a nice little happy surprise of color in an otherwise burgundy room. :)

I like you, love them both, but I think I would go with the pink because of the other room, but I also like the idea of doing one color on one side and the the other color on the other side. It gives you more options.

I say pick two of the blues and one of the pink/maroons to make it pop! Amy designed them all to work together, the olives in the background all work with one another. I'm liking that dining room wall!

I like to look at this page and dream:

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