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April 17, 2008


Oh, those look tasty!!! I'm going to have to remember that link.

Thanks for the link they look delish! :)

{GROAN} My belly has already had **far** too much love - hence the extra 15 pounds and why I've been going to the gym for the past 3 months in an attempt to fit back into my NON-overly-pudgy clothes!

(Okay - I'll make up a batch this weekend!)

Ohhhhh, they look SO yummy! Now I'm craving chocolate cookies...and it's only 8:45am. :)
Thanks for the recipe link -- I already printed it! Did you use unsweetened cocoa powder? Most of the recipes I've seen specify unsweetened.

Those look REALLY good! Just what I need at my house. :( I know what you mean about convenience. I subscribe to Taste of Home Magazine and another one they put out. I have for about 10 years now. So I have all the mags for the last 10 years but every year I get the annual cookbook with all the recipes just for the convenience of not having to look through all the mags when I am looking for a recipe. My husband doesn't understand this but leaves me to my eccentricities.

Great, thanks for making me drool for chocolate when I can't do anything for it ;) hehe! The look sooo goood!

These look absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the free link.
By the way I totally agree with buying for convenience - I have so many books I have bought just to make life easier - only problem I have is to then find room for them !!!

Wow. Those look delicious. I'm printing the recipe now...

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