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April 15, 2008


Heather, they're gorgeous!!!!!
What kind of paper did you use for the hand prints? I would love to do this with my students this year and give it to our principal, as she is retiring.

Wow! Those are amazing... as a teacher in a private school I knot first hand what a pain these auction items can be. I also know what wonderful things the cash can do for a school. Those are amazing, people with more money than sense should pay tons of money for them!!

Well, you may have been bamboozled, but you did an amazing job! The projects look terrific and I too, would have a difficult time letting the kid's work stand. Good for you!

They both look great! I bet the kids had fun working on both projects.

Those two pieces are utterly amazing. They certainly knew what they were doing when they approached you to help with the art pieces. I'm still in awe.

Those are both just gorgeous!

oh WOW! You're a much much better woman than I am - I probably would have gotten to the finer details about the auction and suchlike and simply brought in some fabric paint and blank t-shirts and a bottle of tequila and let the kids go. (The tequila being for me, of course!)


Well, okay, maybe not, but I would have pondered it as a somewhat viable option for *far* too long before moving on to a more proper option. :)

The mirror is BEAUTIFUL - when I saw it my first thought was "hey, could I ever make one that good???" - and the handprints are brilliant. You do very very good work - even when under massive pressure.

Absolutely amazing *jaw drops* just georgous! Your creativity and you love of children really show in these pieces! You will make such an awesome teacher! :)

Now you've done it - you'll be doing this every year for decades! Great job!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I absolutely love it.

I LOVE both projects, but the mirror takes the cake. It is stunning! You went a long way from beeswax candles. :)

Those are awesome!!!

These are fantastic. You are a very talented lady to be able to create such beautiful things. What a wonderful opportunity for the children to be able to play a part in producing these.

They both look so good.

Our school auction was just last month and, yes, some crafty mom (not me, thank goodness!) got bamboozled into making a tiled birdbath--which the parents all chipped in to buy for the teacher as an end-of-year gift. I'd love to know, however, is how you grout with seed beads? What a gorgeous mirror!
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Those are FABULOUS! I love the hands beyond words. Good for you.

I hope you don't mind, but I am "borrowing" your hands idea for our classroom project for our Foundation auction. I'll let you know how it goes!

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