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April 07, 2008


You sure do have a lot of adjustments going on right now. When things get out of whack it can be so hard to get them back in order. How sweet of you to make those adorable socks for your friend. The picture of your daughter is beautiful!

Being a Mama is hard, isn't it? Stefan's never gone for so long but it still takes a day or two to adjust when he's been gone for a week. I can only imagine how much harder it is for you.

Hopefully things will calm down a bit once all of you have adjusted to being together again. Hang in there, Heather...
Your girls are beautiful.

It is hard when a household dynamic changes. I hope you find a way to deal with the constant flux of beloved family members disrupting the serenity you are striving to cultivate.

The socks are totally beautiful! And what a great idea to use a 3 needle bind off...ingenous! :)

Oh, I'm TOTALLY with you on the stubborn & controlling 3 year old! I've got a son who is the textbook "strong-willed" (or 'spirited', depending on whose book you buy!) kid! Mine is unfortunately huge, too - wears a 6T without a problem - which only adds to the trouble of discipline.

Luckily my husband tends to be really good on the follow-through and the carefully chosen threats. What he struggles with is keeping his temper - they're two peas in a pod, so one gets mad, the other gets mad, which gets the first one mad....you know how it goes!

Good luck juggling everything - I'll send you some serene & peaceful vibes from the opposite coast.........as soon as I find out where everyone is hiding them! LOL.

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