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April 23, 2008


Good Luck on the GRE! The key is to get in a lot of practice. The more you do those problems and questions the easier it will be.
And congratulations on getting started on your certification in Montessori. Isn't it cool when you figure out what you want to do? I love my job (librarian).

um, I need to get back to lurking now...

I agree with Laura -- practice, practice, practice. When I took my very first practice GRE, I was totally freaked out because my scores were low. But I kept practicing and the scores went up significantly. I remember memorizing some stuff for math (like conversions between fractions and decimals). I don't think I'm totally stupid either, but you're right -- it's hard remembering stuff you don't use.
I have a M.Ed. too, but in the field of higher ed.

Ah - just think of how helpful all that math will come when you need to re-knit the tunic in a cooler-weight yarn and thereby redo all of the gauge numbers! ;>

Good luck on the GRE! Just keep reminding yourself that all the crazy hard work is SO worth it if it helps get you where you want to be!

Good luck with the GRE! I know if you put your mind to it you will get through it with flying colors! Speaking of colors...I love that purple. Beautiful sweater so far! :)

I add my GRE good luck wishes to the pile above. I took it, and the kaplan course certainly helped. a good friend of mine taught at princeton review for years, and said that studying vocab is one of the best ways to bring up scores - flashcards, baby! i carried mine everywhere. dorking out, gre style. and going over and over the math problems, take as many tests as you can. its a grind. and the materials should tell you about the different strategies for taking a computerized test. totally different than paper and pencil. i'm sure they will let you in eventually! i had to do a year of upgrading before i could get into grad school. distance ed, whatever it takes. you're smart, you're passionate about this, you will get in, it is just a matter of when.
Good luck!

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