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April 27, 2008


Hey, sounds great to me! I'm off to donate.

Great idea. I am in!

Just sent a donation in... Thanks for reminding me to follow through...

Donated to unicef uk is that ok?

Just donated to the American Cancer Society. This was the nudge I needed to make the donation! Thanks.

Fantastic idea - I'm off to donate.

How's about Red Cross and the Lupus Foundation? I hope that works.

Great idea! I'm doing something similar to raise $$ for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (see blog). I hope you get lots of responses since all those non-profits really do need our support. :)

Really great idea - I'm donating to Doctors without Borders

I donated to 4 Paws Sake. Sent you a copy of my receipt.

Thanks for doing this you're great!

You are so generous. Last time I denied the yarn but this time I'm feeling a bit greedy. Well, greedy and giving at the same time. We'll be giving to Heifer Intl, our charity of choice.

I would like to participate. Great idea!! How super generous of you.

I will be donating to Rolling Dog Ranch, I will send you my receipt!


wow what a great idea. i am off to donate right now!

I love this! I donated to the March of Dimes!

I'm off to donate to unicef- will send the particulars in a minute! :) (great idea, btw)

This is a wonderful thing for you to do - I will be donating to Oxfam

Great idea. I will be donating to Heifer International.

I'm in! I'll be donating to Second Harvest Heartland.

I'm in, just have to think of where I'd like to donate. And I do spin, roving is cool or yarn, whatever :)

Thanks so much for this super generous offer! I will be donating to my local Domestic Violence Shelter!

this is awesome! I'll be donating a bit...but i just bought 6lbs of llama...so sadly it won't be as much as i want (also a spinner so fiber is just as nice as yarn :)

Do you include Canadians as well????? If so, I would be interested!

I am off to make a Raveley donation and will send you an email.

I'm in!

Donating to Ravelry now! :)

Count me in! What a wonderful idea. I am happy with sock yarn or fiber. Thank you

i'm in too..i'm off to find a charity...i don't have much funds right now but a little is better than none, and i gave to ravelry last week so perhaps breast cancer awareness? i'll email receipt etc as soon as i figure what i'm doing! also, i'm a former military(hubby was air force 26 years) so know exactly what you are talking about..thank you/your hubby for serving our country!! that gives me the freedom to crochet and give to charity ,,,,and wake up with a roof over my head!

Yahoo...I'm squeezing in!

I just donated! What an awesome idea, Heather!

donted to ravelry! Email coming soon.

Me, too!

What a great idea! I'm off to donate to ravelry :)

I'll donate to Heifer International as well. I'm a spinner, so fiber would be great.

Great Idea!! I'm off to donate!

Just donated!

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