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April 07, 2008


If I don't homeschool...I'm going to put Syd in Montessori. I absolutely adore the way they cater to where the child IS personally and also all the hands-on crafty things they do with the children. Also, teaching them personal responsibility in little ways like picking up their stations, cleaning after themselves and others and group activities that mesh the childrens strengths together. LOVE. I think you will be a fab Montessori teacher. Move to Phx so you can teach my kid! PLEASE! ;) Have you seen the blog, Montessori by Hand? One of my VERY favs.

Doing something out of your comfort zone is so hard, but you seem like a very strong woman...you'll do awesome. :)

I'm so excited for you! This is really exciting and courageous. It sounds like it will be something that you're very passionate about as well which is so important.

I am in the process of making a career change. The thing that makes it a little less scary is that it's within the same company I've been at for the past three years, so at least there's some familiar faces. But I have zero knowledge in this area, so it's been a lot of "studying" trying to cram in as much knowledge as quickly as possible.

I had major self-doubts the first few weeks, but I'm getting more and more comfortable each day. I'm extremely fortunate to have a manager that is there to help me over the bumps.

Good luck!

That's awesome! I went to Montessori as a small child and I think it really made a difference. I'm in the process of going back to school to get my teaching certificate as well (secondary education) and in the fall I'm most likely quitting my job to do it full time which is quite a risk with a mortgage and a bad housing market.

Congrats on your decision, Heather. It takes a lot of courage to make such a big life change. I am sure that there will be bumps along the way, but I think you will survive them just fine because you have so much inner strength.

Go you! I'm a no-change person, even when change would make me so much happier...

I got a masters degree in the area of my passion and worked in the field for about 2 years. When my husband decided to quit his job to join the Army, I went back to school to get my teacher certfication because it's a far more portable career than working for NASA. I'm almost 31 and have 2 weeks of student teaching left. Sure it's scary to change careers in your late 20s, early 30s but it's best to do what you love. My husband's job made him physically ill between the stress of the job and the commute. Since joining the Army he's not as stressed, far healthier and happier (well, he's in Iraq right now but you know what I mean). Do whatcha gotta do.

Well, I was working in the insurance industry for about 7 years and decided to make a change and go back to school to become a sign language interpreter. It was a scary time...I lost my job when I went back to school and then had to work at a grocery store deli just to make ends meet. All through this, I kept telling myself it would be worth it, and it sure is! In fact, hubby and I want to make an even bigger change in the next year and move to another state (I got Nationally Certified so I can work anywhere) Keep us posted on your career change!

Last May, I quit my job in corporate retail to go back to nursing school. It was a really scary move. I was making a lot of money but hated going to work everyday. Thank goodness I have such a supportive husband and family. When I was doubting going back he simply said, "you have to." And with that, I did. I'll graduate this May with a BSN degree. And I haven't regretted it for a minute. Not once. I love my new career. I love the challenge it gives me every day. Financially, it's challenging. I had to go into more debt than I've ever had to afford the tuition. But it was worth every cent.

If you're like me at all, you want to protect everything in your life and stay safe. But sometimes, you have to take a risk. You can do it. And it will all work out. A little discomfort is worth it for a lifetime of wonderful.

I think you will make a super teacher and I applaud you for going outside your comfort zone. :)

Four years ago I gave up a cushy corporate paycheck to take a huge paycut so I could be five minutes from my son. It was scary and I worried about the money but we muddled through it and having more family time is better then then more money.

We moved to Atlanta so my husband could give up his well paying job to start grad school, in hopes of pursuing his dream: being a professor. That means, suddenly, I had to be the one with the real job, the benefits, etc. I must admit it was a shock.

Though right now, we are expecting our first baby (a boy due in August). I think anyone who says getting pregnant and having kids isn't out of their comfort zone and crazy and difficult and that they know exactly what they're doing is both insane and delusional!! You have already done that with two beautiful girls, and the example you are setting for them in doing this is priceless!!

Hey ther..
how are u doin today..
i hav jus moved to atlanta frm mumbai-india.
i was gonna take up montessori back home after i realized how my career in human resources was keepin so busy tht i had no life at all.. mornin 8am to midnight workin my ass off.. i jus wasnt happie.. so i quit.. thn frm nowhere i met d love of my life.. got married n moved here to start a whole new chapter in my life.. im settling in here day by day.. learnin sumthin each day.. m a homemaker as of now.. but thn we came across a montessori course here in atlanta wich is quite close to our house so my hubby is pushin me to join it.. but m anxious.. dunno wat to expect in a completely new environment..
please help..

Heather, as someone who did not choose to make a major leap but rather was pushed off a cliff when I went from a high power managerial job to disability retirement in the period of just about a month, let me tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I left a job I loved, a house I loved, a city I loved and moved back home to Charleston and to live with my parents after not having even lived in the same town with them for almost 20 years. I thought I was going to go nuts at first, but today would not trade what I have for any job in any city or any house in the world. You will make it though, one day at a time, and when you look back after finishing the program, I have NO DOUBT that you will be glad that you took the chance.

I, too, went back to school to get my Computer Science degree at about age 30 while working a full-time day job and carrying 12 hours a semester at a college that did not offer a single degree program at night. At first, I thought it would be impossible, but I found out that the only things that are impossible are the things that you don't try. You have way too much spirit in you. I am certain that you will make it through the program and that you will be an AWESOME Montessori teacher. And, if you even start to doubt that, just give me a call and I will remind you of how awesome you will be.

Give hugs to the girls for me. Love Denise in Summerville

I too, wanted to be a teacher when I was in my late twenties. It is hard to study when you have a famliy and I was often very tired at night but I persevered and got my degree. It is a very satisfying occupation and I can now look back on a successful career. I wish you good luck with your studies, it will be worth the sacrifice.

Willemtje, a Dutch knitter

I went back to school in July of 2006 to study Ultrasound. It was a 15 month program with six months of on the job training...a total of 21 months. I just put my head down and didn't let the doubts stop me. I had major surgery in the midst of it all and had to stop after the didactic portion of the schooling was done, and am now working on finding a hospital to finish the six months. I have a BA in English and am working in the financial services industry and before this worked in publishing. Both industries are heavily controlled by the stock markets & economy and the fact that my career in publishing fell apart because of a post 9/11 slump quieted any nagging doubts I had about moving on to healthcare...and I guess I don't really look at it as healthcare, but a non-market driven/controlled industry.

Follow your dreams. See yourself doing it and everything you need will come to you. It may not be easy, but in the end it will be worth it!

Good luck!

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