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May 26, 2008


Oh, sweetie! That's so scary!

Email me your address, and I'll send a little something for the girls.

Feel better Makenna. I'm thinking of you guys.

i'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's accident! that must of been so scary for you to experience as a mother. well wishes to Makenna!

Poor sweet baby! Hope she feels so much better soon.

I have a three yr old and a five yr old in my life - I'm so sorry about the accident. Send me your address and I'll send some things out to the girls!

Aw, look at her being all tragic and brave in those pictures. Ouch, poor kiddo!

Poor baby. Glad it wasn't worse!

OH! I think this may be the first time i've been here but FEEL BETTER SOON MAKENNA!

Our 2yr old had an accident a little while back and his big sister was an absolute treasure and wants to say WELL DONE AMELIA! HIGH FIVE!

Poor little thing! She looks like she's holding up alot better than I ever would if I broke my collar bone. :(

I loved getting mail when I was a little kid so I would love to send her and her sister some fun stuff and a card. I'll send you an email to respond to...

Long-time lurker... finally de-lurking to let you know I am thinking of you and your girls. Please send me your address.

hugs from me and my Kenna to you and yours! (And to brave Amelia as well!) Off to email you <3

Hope it heals up soon little one.

Hope mom is ok too. I can only imagine. Anytime they get hurt, it hurts us too, just not in the same way.

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