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June 07, 2008


Wow, fit is great and color is perfect. It seems like Knitting Nature is one of those books for me where I page through and go "meh," but once I see them on real people, then they look "wow!" Which is a rare reversal.

That is really lovely on you - VERY flattering! And I love the color!

Very cute!!! And the fit is really, really good.

Ooooh!!!! It's gorgeous! I already love this pattern and you make it look fabulous. This is already in my queue and I have to move it higher. The fit is amazing.

I'm thinking about knitting the body in the round and doing top-down set in sleeves. I loathe seaming set in sleeves.

Well done! You look terrific.

Definately very flattering!! Hard to decide packing for you vs. the kids..hehe..been there too! ;) Have a great trip!

Very nice.
Have fun.

Heather! I just saw your post about this sweater in the Norah G forums at Ravelry and I realize that you have fallen off my Bloglines somehow... I love you and I love this sweater and I think it's serendipity that I found you again the way I did.

This sweater has been in my queue for ages. You know I love purple. We're virtually the same size. Do you see what I'm leading up to, here? heh heh heh. It's beautiful and you wear it well.

Beautiful! Don't forget to pack toys for the kids but pack more yarn instead of dog food and buy the dog some food when you get to where you're going. ;~)

It's beautiful.
And I love what you did wiyh the front.

That is so beautiful, and the colour is gorgeous, especially combined with the turquoise top. Beautiful work!

Very nicely done!

it's absolutely stunning!

Georgous! That fits you divinely! I think all the mods you made are just perfect! Have a super, safe and wonderful trip! :)

such a lovely tunic. the color is fabulous and it looks like it fits you like a dream. good for you to change the shaping. i'm not that advanced a knitter, i'd have no idea where to start with modifications like that!

I forgot to ask...how much Zara did this take?

Stunning sweater Heather! Love the color and the shaping is just perfect on you. I'm still hoping we can connect for a girls-gone-shopping expedition while you're back up this way. Call me when you can!

The sweater turned out beautiful!

Very nice!!! I've been away from blogging for awhile and haven't checked in to very many blogs either but I see that you've been continuing to knit away in my absence. Beautiful work, as always.

That's fantastic! I agree with a previous commenter -- seeing yours makes me much more interested in the pattern which I'd leafed by before. Lovely color too.

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