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August 03, 2008


Ouch! Go buy some of the aloe vera sunburn gel. We keep some in the house because my oldest burns fairly easy. It helps cool and soothe the burn.

Don't feel too bad. We used to slather ourselves in baby oil and tanning lotion.

Don't feel too guilty! I can't count the number of bad sunburns I got as a kid, and not for lack of sunscreen and vigilance on my parents' part. I just have that fair, freckled Irish skin that will burn no matter how much sunscreen is applied. When you factor in running around and water (even the stuff that claims to be waterproof will come off eventually), it seems sunburns were a part of life at the beach for me. I'm sure she'll be just fine! Just keep applying that aloe!

Usually the only time I got to go to the pool was on my Dad's weekends. I went once, I can't remember who all was there with me, but I remember my uncle being one. I was playing in one of those huge black tubies. You know how those reflect the sun right back on you. Well I refused to get out when I was asked to. And of course a severe burn turned up later that day. It was so bad they lathered me in some kind of gel for sunburns and layed me on the couch under the airconditioner covered with a cool sheet. Later after going to bed I got up to go to the bathroom. I remember standing up and the next thing I was aware of was that I was lying in the floor. Of course my mom was furious when I got home. She'd lather noxema on me. It was mostly concentrated on my shoulders. So when it began to try to heal, I ended up with what looked like these shoulder pads that looked like alligator skin. Kind of reminded me of those patches on the elbows of sweaters. I felt bad for quite awhile. And I don't remember how long it took for them to go away. They were kinda like huge scabs that covered the top of my shoulders. It left me with quite a few freckles where those patches were. I have gotten burnt since, but never as bad as that.

Go get her some Burt's Bees After Sun Soother. That stuff works miracles. AND YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM! Stop that right now. ;)

Our family took what looks to be our last "big" vacation this spring - to Hawaii. My 16 YO spent a few hours in the surf and came home with three inch blisters on his shoulders. Part of me says at 16, he should take responsibility, but I was still the bad mom in my heart.

Ugh, when I was in middle school I spent one Saturday at the pool. This wasn't anything unusual, I spent most saturdays at the pool. I never used sunscreen and had never had a burn.

well, this Saturday the planets must have been aligned just so and I got the burn to end all burns. Under my eyes swelled up so high that my eyes couldn't open. It was really bad. I was sick because of the burn and missed about a week of school.

I've never burned since.... no clue why I did that day.

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