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March 26, 2010


Looks great! I love my clapoti! (Think that's the plural?)

I'm still a teenager in my head too.

Beautiful! Hehe, I've not knit one yet, have some Brooks Farm for it too! You aren't the only one who feels younger than she looks, and I've got a few extra years on you. I mean yikes I have a 20 y/o in his 2nd year of college...I don't feel that old ;)

Lovely! Glad to see you are still crafting. It's good for calming and relaxing. Even if for just a little while. And you think you are behind the times? Mine has been sleeping in a bag somewhere for years waiting on me to pick it up again.

I'll be the one in the old folk's home saying, "Wait nurse I can't go yet I have to finish this level in my game." lol

I think you look fabulous and the clapotis does too. I'm glad you finished something that you can really enjoy. :)

Incredibly beautiful piece of knitting! And you look just gorgeous in it. Very well done =)

You look great Heather!! So glad you are back!
Susan B-L

I know you guys will get through it all. I am here to help. Ice cream sounds like a really good cure though. By the way.....everyone looks old without photoshop unless they are 6. I am older than you so don't worry about it.


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