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March 25, 2010


Wow. So much going on for you. Sending hopes and prayers that something perfect comes along for you!

Sounds like you're so much better off out of there! I wouldn't worry about interviewing elsewhere we have all been in schools where there were crazy people, the phrase, "it wasn't a good fit" if pretty useful!

Good Luck

IMHO it sounds like you worked for a bunch of passive/aggressive people who really were happier to fit you in a box then let you blossom as a teacher. I feel that you weren't really being mentored...by what you've said here it seems more like they were shaping you in their image.

I think that you are such a giving creative soul that them stifling your spirit like that was a horrible disservice to the children you were teaching. I know that there is a school out there looking for a caring person like you.

I will continue to pray for a wonderful door to open for you…a new job that you will love and that the people there will respect and allow you to grow as a person as you nurture the minds of our children.

The hearts are beautiful. Such a stirring testament to the love that surrounds you and the deep friendship you have with your two wonderful daughters.


That whole situation sucks rocks. It sounds like that place is just a den of drama and you're better off without those people, but I know how you feel. I went through pretty much the same weirdness when I left roller derby.
Maybe there are some after school or summer programs in your area that are hiring or something?

Whew!! Glad you are all out of there! Hoping another door opens for you and things work out. ((hugs))

Good that you got away from that. Hope things work out soon for you. Sending good thoughts your way.

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