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March 31, 2010


Mental health/behavioral issues develop early on and it's great you're getting your daughter the help she needs now. I think if there had been this kind of awareness when we were kids things might have been so much easier for some of us... You're daughter's a lucky girl.

Good that you can find out what's going on now. Sometimes drs tend to just glaze over the issues. My littlest is having issues. Took her to the primary to get to the next step. She asked maybe two questions about the issue and spent the rest of the time harping on diet. She is right above the norm weight wise, so she's fat according to the dr. Spent the whole time trying to push skim milk. And this doctor has never been slim the whole time we've been going to her. The rest of the day and night my 7 year old kept worrying saying I can't eat this, I can't eat that. And she's already stressed about the real issue. I really hope you find out soon and can get her back to the sweet happy kid you know.

Had a similar feeling when my stepson got a diagnosis for ADHD. The only thing is that I wished we had figured it out 5 years ago. :P Good luck in your quest.

Honestly, I know exactly how you feel. My daughter (who is 9) is showing signs of an eating disorder as well as some possible other mental issues, and it's so FREEING to realize that it *isn't* just you imagining things.

I am going through a similar thing with my son. He screams in the middle of the night and sleep walks and remembers none of it. Something is bothering him to the core and no one knows why. It shatters me every time to hear him scream.

I hope they find out what is bothering your daughter. I'm sorry that it is yet another thing added to your plate. I will send reiki for your daughter if that is okay?

Kids these days are pushed by society to excel and IMHO I think that kicks the emotions on fast forward. I heard a woman at daycare say to her daughter, "You're too young to be stressed."

But really, why? Age has nothing to do with it. A full schedule is the same for anyone...kids worry about stuff same as anyone. Sadly, I think a lot of elephants are being ignored and catalogued as things "they will grow out of."

I'm glad you have this time with your daughter to help her through this period of uncertainty.
*hugs to you and your family*

Long time, quiet reader of your blog. I know the feeling. When my "baby" (soon to be 3) was diagnosed in December with Autism, I cried. But it was for the same reasons. Finally someone else saw what we were seeing and we had a 'name' for it and now could move forward with what she needs. How freeing and how scary at the same time.
Tina Logan, Utah

this sounds delicious. i just bought a Ninja and have been looking forward to making my own sorbet and ice cream. i can't wait to try this recipe. :)

Hi Heather, welcome back to blogland. Thank you for sharing your story about your daughter. The more awareness about children and psychology the better. There is not enough out there to help children in this area and speaking out can bring about change. Lets hope things improve. You are a brave, beautiful woman, stop beating yourself up, and see what we see. :o)

Pink Lemon Sorbet?!!!wow it looks very delicious!!!hmmm yummy!!

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