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May 13, 2010


Even my inner Tomboy would have worn that dress proudly as a five year old. You do such beautiful work with all the details to please a young Princess. *hugs* :)

I just finished a formal for my senior daughter for an event that they wear them for less than 2 hours. Just couldn't justify another $200 dress, so with coupons and sales, I got every thing I needed for $60 or less, spent quite a bit more time stressing than sewing, but hey! I'm happy and so is she. That's what counts...I wish I'd been a little braver before...haven't tried a grown-up dress, just a princess dress at Halloween when she was very young, along with numerous other costumes. Keep it up and pinky promises ROCK!!
I think I might just have to drop in and read all about your history in your blog!!

So cute!! You did well! I've heard to use glue stick (washable kind) on slippery fabrics to keep them together while sewing.

I'm so impressed - no pattern? While I don't have any daughters here, with three boys I understand how one little project can multiply just so things are fair.

I love the layered skirt. I'm sure that right now you are the coolest mom!

That dress is toally gorgeous!! Definitely a beautiful princess gown. I'm totally impressed. And you are a really kind mommy to actually follow through with your daughter's pinkie promise!

That's what a pinky promise can do. You are forced to create such great stuffs! I'm loving it! Thanks much for sharing.

oh shes so cute on that dress, lovely to look at her! cuteness overload on her. yay!

Woa, she looks so cute on that dress, like a princess, right? I would like to have one for my younger sister. That must be one of the most wonderful gifts she's ever had.

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