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May 26, 2010


Oh poor Maya! Glad it wasn't any worse, not that this was good either! :( I have a 130lb+ bloodhound, and she's a very gentle dog, but when people see her, they think the same as they do Maya.

Poor baby! She's a beauty!

I have a great affection for the "bully" breeds. My high school boyfriend had a Doberman who thought she was a lapdog, and that dog pretty much sold me on loving the big dogs.

Ugh - I totally agree with you on the shit dog owners front. I can stand an ill-behaved dog just about exactly as much as I can stand ill-behaved children, and I put the blame squarely where it belongs in each case. Right on the shitastic parents. Sorry your baby got eaten up!

Poor sweet Maya! I'm so sorry that that Husky hurt her like that! I hope the dog's owner apologized and / or helped with the vet bill and /or offered to pay to clean the blood off the carpet, walls and drapes. The very least he/she could do is see how Maya was doing.

I’ll send reiki tonight. If you have any Rescue Remedy you could put a few drops in her water for a few days. I feel so bad for your family…sending *hugs* to you and the girls and give Maya a little lovin’ for me ‘kay?

Any dog can learn to be mean, and any dog can learn to be gentle. Realy, most problems with dogs do come from the owners. I'm so sorry about Maya, I hope she feels much better soon.

I am so sorry about what happened to Maya! =( I hope her recovery goes smoothly. I agree with you about blaming the owner if the dog is a s**t. Hopefully your neighbor will keep his dog far, far away from Maya.

Poor sweetie. I hope she and her owner are feeling better soon. (Glad to see you back around the blogs, too.)

Oh what happened? =( poor little guy =(
You are badly hurt=(

i can relate to this. i miss my dog :((

Awww. I'd freak out so bad. Neither my children nor my dogs have had head bleeds...yet.

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