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May 25, 2010


love you too lady

You could always hand quilt it. heehee
Or a simple design that you could do with the machine. You know a simple shape to correspond with the designs in the fabric. It's really beautiful. I am sitting here holding my breath actually. lol
And we did get outside this weekend. To a park with a creek and fresh water spring. Catching crawdads and picnicing. :)

Ooooh, isn't it great when you find something awesome that you totally forgot about? I can't wait to see your finished quilt!
And I'm looking forward to hearing your exciting news, too. :)

Lovely fabrics! Glad you found them :)

I adore it when you find something that has been forgotten! Such lovely fabric! That will make an awesome quilt! The new blog banner is totally fab! *hugs* :)

It's better to stay busy at home than to be bored and get lazy.

Nice! I love the design! All of them are lovely. ^^,

Where have you been? Hope you and the girls are doing ok. Take Care and come back soon. You are missed :)

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